Bridal Bouquet


A full red bridal bouquet consisting of dark red Peonies, Kenya Roses and Carnations to complement your kua.


Perfect for white and silver themed weddings.


We’ve been getting requests to create smaller versions of a bridal bouquet for bridesmaids. Here is one of our favourite versions!


A fresh & lively bouquet featuring 5 stalks of white Peonies, white Roses with seasonal side fillers & green leaves.


A lush, cascading bridal bouquet – a complementing mix of Kenya Roses, Peonies, Delphiniums and hand-picked greens to match.


A true rustic arrangement featuring Pincushion & Fruticosa, accented with Brunia, Eucalyptus leaves & curly willow. Comes twine finishing.


We like soft pastels with little sprinkles of dark purple. Flowers: White Peonies, champagne Eustomas, snow pink Roses, blue Eryngium and dried Lavender.


Magic is tulips, peonies and garden roses gathered into one.


Our mini bridal bouquet with a wild touch.


A neat, round, classic all white with pops of blue to rebel without a cause.


A combination of soft pink Kenya Roses, Diane pink Roses, dark pink Matthiola, white Eustomas and a touch of white Hydrangeas to create volume.

Eucalyptus leaves add texture and character to the bouquet’s overall shape.


We are loving this interesting mix of whites (Roses & Eustomas) and pinks (Ranunculus) – with touches of silver from the Dusty Millers.


These red Hypericum berries and sprayed blue Brunia fillers will definitely catch the attention of  brides who are looking for a hint of bright colors in their bouquets.


Shades of Purple.


A pure white bridal bouquet that is simple yet elegant at the same time. Navy stripes ribbons add a nautical touch to the arrangement.


A tinge of white and pink arranged with lavender, eucalyptus and complimenting foliage.


A bridal bouquet that is a more on the wild side – further enhanced by the burst of dark red Roses & Chrysanthemums.


A wild mixture of Eustomas, Alstroemerias, Roses in shades of pinks, greens and a touch of white.


This mini bouquet is a favorite for bridesmaids. Roses arrangement in Ivory ribbon finishing – Classic.


A vibrant arrangement of Pinks and Purples – Made up of Eustomas, Cymbidiums and Hydrangea. Cotton Flower to soften the texture of the entire look.

Cascading Calla Lillies & Hydrangeas

This elegant cascading bouquet is made up of Calla Lilies and Blue Hydrangeas. A refreshing change.


A mini bridal bouquet made up of lovely pastel pink Eustomas and Ivory Roses. Perfect for brides who want to keep things fuss free!


This bouquet is a dream for brides who are looking for a combination of rustic vibes and pastel tones. Definitely one of our favourite arrangements!


This exquisite bridal bouquet features the ever popular Ranunculus with vibrant Roses.

Rose & Eustomas (Pink)

A round bridal bouquet featuring the all time favourite combination of Eustoma and Roses. Classic.

Cymbidiums & Hydrangeas

If you are a fan of colourful bouquets, we have this one featuring soft blue Hydrangea, bright pink Cymbidiums and white fillers.

Phalaenopsis & Roses

An elegant, delicate bridal bouquet – for the minimalists. A mixture of ivory Roses and Phalaenopsis with ribbon finishing.  An elegant, delicate bridal bouquet – for the minimalists. A mixture of ivory Roses and Phalaenopsis with ribbon finishing.

Roses & Hydrangeas

A round, neat bridal bouquet made up of bright purple Hydrangeas and shades of pink Roses.

Roses and Eustomas (Green)

A clean bridal bouquet featuring ivory Roses and Eustomas, arranged with assorted greens in a free-form fashion.

Roses and Astilbes

For the whimsicalists – This bridal bouquet starring soft pink Roses and Astilbes with a touch of Eucalyptus leaves!


For the romanticist at heart – a pastel themed bouquet consisting of Peonies, Roses, Eustomas & Alstroemeria.

White & Snow Pink Roses

A timeless colour combination favoured by many brides. This bouquet consists of white & snow pink Roses, pink Alstroemeria with a touch of greens


A free-form arrangement of purple Veronica & white Freesia, reminiscent of the flowers growing in the wild.


Put a smile on your face with this cheery combination of colours! This particular bouquet is made of two toned Carnations, fuchsia Gerberas, Craspedia & Eryngium.


Featuring cream Roses amongst a bed of white Hydrangeas & dainty Rice Flowers.


Showcasing the various shades of pinks & green available for Hyacinths.


Nothing speaks more of poise than these lovely Cymbidium Orchids, paired beautifully with snow pink Roses & unique side fillers like the silver-grey Brunia.


A classic arrangement of red, snow pink & cream Roses with touches of green Snowballs & loose ferns.


Consisting of the soft pastel pink Peonies, fuchsia pink Roses, Sweet Williams, Pincushion & Alstroemeria.


A blue themed bouquet featuring Hydrangeas, Eustomas & the exotic Eryngium.

Pink Cymbidiums & Ivory Roses

A twist to the usual white & pink themed bouquet with the elegant pink Cymbidium Orchids with ivory Roses.


This bouquet speaks of elegance & beauty with the miniature Garden Roses, complemented perfectly with Sweet Williams.

Blue Hydrangeas & White Calla Lillies

An exquisite arrangement of White Calla Lilies, Blue Hydrangeas & Cream Roses with Dusty Millers.

Roses & Freesia

An eclectic & vibrant bouquet of coral Roses, yellow Freesia, red Mokara Orchids & purple Eustomas. Perfect colour match for an outdoor summer wedding!